Much better.  Better than “Waaaaaaaaaaa” which has been my literal cry for the last month and a half due to all of the rain we have had in the Chicago area.  As a road cyclist who wants to be a mountain biker, rain is not my friend.  Contrary to what one might think, riding mud is NOT fun nor is it recommended.  Trail advocates will slap riders who ride muddy trails, thus damaging trails and contributing to erosion.  Erosion damages trails even further.

Riders around here blame the weather on me.  Yep.  I bought that fancy mountain bike in the middle of April, ensuring a season of wet and mud.

My theme today, though, is Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky” — so appropriate for today.  After so many weeks where every tiny puff of cloud poured on us, we (meaning “us in the Chicago area”) not only have escaped major rains from the storm systems that have passed over the past few days, but today is 72 degrees with blue azure skies.

And who can feel dark when listening to Mr. Blue Sky?  I can’t.


The report from yesterday was that the trails would be dry enough by today to ride.  In another hour or two, if the work load stays light, I am going to find out this afternoon.  I can not freaking wait.  Last time I rode the mountain bike was last Saturday morning (a bird chirper at dawn).  The trails were a bit damp then.


Redbird also returned to me today after another kidnapping.  He disappeared from my office some time last week while I was out of town.  The kidnappers texted threatening messages to me last Monday night, vowing to imprison Redbird in a tampon machine if I did not agree to their ransom.  They apparently also subjected him to hard office labor, something I know he is not used to when being kidnapped.  Previous kidnappers tried to brainwash him by treating him to beauty queens, bikini clad babes, booze in New Orleans, baseball in Oakland.  But wily Redbird managed to escape today by stealing away in a Jimmy John’s delivery, making sure I got a fresh roast beef sandwich and chocolate chip cookie in the deal.  Suh weet!

It is indeed a blue sky type of day.  I’ll let you know how the ride goes.  I have a text message in to Nate, asking if he wants to abandon his summer video gaming long enough to brave the trails with me….