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Here in Chicagoland, we are having our first snow of the season, one of those spectacularly beautiful and quiet storms that allows the snow to stick to the tree limbs.  Saturday morning is a pleasant time, in the warm weather months the day that I get a ride in with my friends.  When the snow hits our first instinct is to lament that the snow has put the brakes on our regularly scheduled ride.  Snow before the first freeze makes the trails muddy and slick, not good or appropriate for riding.  Not only does the mud cover the bike and damage shifting components, but riding muddy trails damages the trails.  Additionally, riding in mud is not as much fun as it sounds.  I could ride the streets, but it really is not worth the uncomfortable mess and the clean up required afterwards.  No.  I will likely give myself a few days rest from the bike, then set up the indoor trainer.

That means I need to get the rear wheel of my road bike rebuilt.  I rode my old Neuvation wheels one season too many, paid for it by a spoke nipple cracking the rear hoop and breaking through.  I need a new hoop.  Problem is that my car and family have required more than my bank account can handle, so I have put off replacing the wheel.  With my back up wheel loaned out to a friend and my back up bike sold for car repair money back in September, I may be forced to break out the old steel hybrid to ride on the trainer.  Such is life.

Until the end of December, I have access to the work out room at my office complex.  It’s equipped with bikes and nice big TVs, as well as a full weight room.  I will go there too, probably working out at the end of my work day.  Between Christmas and New Year’s, our three person office is moving out of the Regus center where we are renting individual offices.  We are leasing our own office suite, a very nice suite with our own lobby, glass fronts to each office, a large office for our managing director with room for a conference table.  It’s exciting for us because it feels like we are taking the next step to growth.

My little company is growing.  Well, it’s not “mine”, it’s the USA subsidiary to a Hungarian company, but since our subsidiary is just three people — managing director, office manager, and me (owner of many hats/responsibilities) — each of us feels like the subsidiary is ours.  In my first year with the company, our subsidiary won the global sales award and exceeded our sales goal by quite a bit.  We just signed a 2.3 million dollar contract with a company who wants to private label one of our products in the USA, as well as locking in several $100K orders with a few more cooking.  I am one busy man.  I like that.  I am getting credit from my boss for being a busy man, rewarded on a regular basis, and the three of us are working very well together.  It shows.

I could pick out the negatives of working for a Hungarian company.  There are several that make my work days challenging, but those challenges also are part of what makes my job interesting.

So I sit at the kitchen table, listening to the music I like, writing, waiting for my slumbering 16 year old to trudge out of bed in a few hours.  He will likely wake up in time for me to fix breakfast/lunch for him.

There is another person with me who likes the first snow of the year.  I absolutely love watching him dive into the snow as soon as I let him out the door.  Nick the sheltie is a little kid when it comes to snow, mesmerized by the white magic outside.  His thick coat of fur is perfect for this snow, so much that he is more comfortable outside when it snows.


This is an old picture, but I have already been greeted several times by a snow covered Nick.  He looks just like the picture right now!