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Star Wars

Emperor Palpatine wasn’t quite sure he was ready for the selfie, but the redhead was strong with the force.

Last night, the force was with me, although I was feeling the dark side.  Good thing I ate my Palpatine.

Don’t worry, there is not plenty more where that came from.

My lovely little redhead arrived home from college last evening, armed with smiles and hugs and two huge suitcases stuffed with lead.  I swear, she must have packed her clothes sopping wet.  After dragging her suitcases up the stairs from the car to her bedroom, my knuckles are dragging the ground.  The reward was as sweet as my pretty child, though.  She arrived bearing gift —

Tickets to the midnight showing of Star Wars – The Force Awakens.  YES!!!!

Not much will convince me to keep my eyes open past ten at night, much less leave the house.  My daughter is well practiced at the art of playing her father, although this one was an easy sell.  I wanted to see the movie and no one else in my household, besides my dear daughter, saw the urgency of viewing the much anticipated event of the year.

Alyssa also brought along her good friend, Cameron, a young man who is becoming a regular companion to my daughter.  Last year he came back to Chicago with her for Christmas and stayed overnight with us.  They are comfortable with each other, although not an item, and they chat away like the good friends that they are.  He also was the one who accompanied us to Cedar Point amusement park a few months ago.  Cameron is a resident of Anchorage, so he needs to fly home from O’Hare in Chicago.  As I did last year, I drove him to the airport early this morning.. after three hours of sleep.  Alyssa was feeding me strong coffee through a straw as I drove them to the airport this morning.

Alyssa, Cameron, and Emporer Palpitations (yours truly) arrived at the theater last night about an hour early, focused on getting good seats in the theater.  My enthusiastic daughter was clad in R2D2 socks and a “Come To The Dork Side” tshirt.  A smirking gentleman in line behind us, an individual who managed to shut down my friendly nature in two comments, a rare occurrence that my daughter observed with much amusement, commented first on the irony of her tshirt as she was flanked by two dorks.  He followed that endearing comment by adding

“It’s nice to see that I am not the only one here old enough to have seen the first Star Wars at the theater.”

What is it about me standing in lines with my daughter that causes people to admire my senior gentility?  As the two or three people who read this blog may recall, earlier this year a young lady in line behind us as a concert last January commented on what a nice thing it was for someone my age to take his daughter to a rock concert.  Ummmm… er… dang.

I did not dress up in a costume, as it may appear from the selfie.  I was wearing a black hoodie (from the Uni B clothing line) and the hood just screamed Emperor P.  Nice effect, eh?

Alyssa punched me after the tenth time or more I breathed “I am your faaaaathaaaaaaa.. don’t resist the dork side”.



The movie lives up to the hype, much worth pushing the limits of my consciousness.  I yawned once or twice, but never had opportunity to nod off.  This movie is too good.

So  I can say that I was one of the crowd who bought the hype.. proudly.  I would do it again.