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I feel like a weenie now that I have seen the pictures, at least until I look at one picture — the side view of the front seats.  A look at the external damage, even at the back of the car, says that perhaps the car that hit us wasn’t going as fast as I guessed.  Either that or God said “Let’s take it easy this time”.  Maybe just maybe that girl in the car behind us slowed down before she hit us.

The accident report says “Driver 1,…, stated that she did not see the stopped vehicles ahead of her in time to avoid a crash.  Vehicle 1 struck the rear of Vehicle 2 which was propelled forward into Vehicle 3.”.

Dealing with the police department to get the report details was pleasant.  I think I made a new friend at the records department of the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s department.  We had a very nice conversation.  She was nice enough to offer to give me as much information I needed to file my claim(s) with the insurance company.  Apparently in Indiana one has to pay for a copy of the accident report.  Her good bye included a command to call her back as much as I needed to.  I like people like that.

My next call was a fact finding mission with my insurance company.  The call was over an hour but productive.  I talked with two very helpful people.  Filing a claim with my insurance company is not necessary, especially since the other driver’s insurance is accepting fault.  Talking with my insurance carrier, however, did help get the ball rolling on a claim with the at fault insurance carrier.  The claims adjuster for my insurance (Geico) called the other insurance carrier, let them know that I would be calling, then called me back with the claim number to reference when I called.

Patience is a virtue that I am learning as I get older, thank goodness, and it helped me make it through the beginning of the claims process.

Next call was to the phone number provided by Driver 1 for insurance.  The number was the insurance agent and not the insurance carrier.  Things had been to pleasant up to the point of that call, so the insurance agent had to attempt to throw some sour grapes at me.  The woman I talked to on the phone went instantly into defense mode.  Don’t quote me on this, but I swear she had to have said “I know you are but what am I?” more than once.  After assuring her several times that I meant her no harm, I did obtain the phone number for the claims department of State Farm insurance, albeit given to me begrudgingly.  Needless to say, the insurance agent did not leave me with a request to call her back lest I need anything else.

I’m pretty sure that I am going to write her phone number on the walls of a few mens’ rest rooms.

State Farm was good, professional (as expected), and explained the whole process for my claim very well.  Starting with my insurance company was a good move because the ball was already rolling by the time I got to State Farm.  I’m a bit wary of the whole process, but am remaining optimistic.  One thing that I do not like too much is that State Farm is going to write one check TO ME for the hospital bills.  In other words, I have to submit the bills and pay the bills to the hospital, then make my claim to State Farm.  I asked if they would just pay the bills directly rather than make me risk completely ruining my credit score from paying medical bills late, but they said that they just can’t do it that way.

Jake from State Farm has a funny stain on his khakis.  And I am hoping that State Farm really is a good neighbor, not a so-so neighbor.

I do have a rental car, arranged by the insurance company.  My car has been towed to a State Farm certified repair shop.  They will inspect the car, assess the damage, offer me a quote if it can be repaired, ask for approval before any repairs.  If the car is deemed to be a lost cause, then the process goes to a different type of claim.  I am hoping it can be repaired.  My car earned my respect for keeping my child, someone else’s child, and myself safe in what could have been a very bad situation.  I want to keep that car around for as long as I can.

Let’s hope my next blog has pictures of a shiny restored VW…..