The verdict is in — my VW Golf TDI has been declared a total loss.  I am going to miss that car.  It performed very well, turned on a dime, went forever on a tank of fuel, and the six speed manual transmission made me feel like a race car driver.  Volkswagen has a way of making the best use of a small space and the Golf was no exception.  While it wasn’t the best choice for hauling a lot of stuff, it hauled four people comfortably.

I received the news this past Thursday afternoon, first when the insurance adjuster left a phone message in response to my call to check claim status, saying that my claim had been moved to the total loss adjuster.  That prompted me to check VW Credit online, where a letter dated two days prior notified me that insurance had indeed notified the credit company that my car was totaled.  A call to VW Credit gave me more information, facts that threw me into an instant funk.  The news sounded worse than it probably actually is.  State Farm, the other driver’s insurance and the claim holder had advised the lien holder that they would be paying about $2600 less than the payoff amount.  I would have to file a gap claim for the remainder.


The news could have been worse.  I could have opted out of the gap insurance when I financed the car.

State Farm returned my call after four messages.  They confirmed the total loss, went over the claim and the features of my car, added another $1200 to the amount that they would pay VW Credit.

Next was to get the form for the gap claim.  I have to wait to file the gap claim until State Farm has written the check to the lien holder.

It took a few hours, but I got all of the facts together, recovered from the initial shock.  My boss contacted a lawyer for me, even offered to pay for a lawyer.  We talked to him together, got the facts straight there.  I may be filing a suit against the person who was driving the car that hit me.  We shall see.  My Christian upbringing makes me flinch at bringing a lawsuit against anyone.  If common sense says do it, however, I will.

Home found me more upbeat, cheerful even.  I like looking at cars and now I would be looking at cars.  By 7 PM, I had two appointments with car sales people for the next day.  I had gone online and picked out a few cars I wanted to look at.  VW seemed logical to me if only because a VW had just proven how safe it could be.

Long story short, I was able to buy a 2012 VW Tiguan yesterday.  Blue.  Panoramic sunroof.  Black leatherette seats with heaters in the front seats.  Navigation system.  Automatic transmission, much to the joy of the other two drivers in my household.  The deal was painless, pleasant, with my new car payment almost equal to the payment I had on the other car.  This car is an upgrade to the Golf.

And now there are two blue VWs in my driveway.

Neil Diamond would be singing ♫Some cars blue, every Henry has onnnnnnnne♫.