One more post tonight, after watching tonight’s sorry excuse for a Republican debate.  Why not just give them paintball guns and let the candidates shoot them at each other?  No longer are these debates, they are fights led by a egotistical bully.  Thankfully, one participant has had the maturity and confidence to stay away from the name calling, the childishness.

As the final question was asked — would you support the Republican nominee? — I realized what should have been obvious to me for a long time.  I had to ask myself my own question….

Which Republican candidate would I be comfortable with and confident in as president?  There is only one.  He has not been my choice up to now, but this candidate is the only one who has specific ideas and experience, has been able to express those ideas clearly.

Trump is running on ego.  Trump has no clue beyond what makes him a ‘winner’.  He’s a bully.  He is an embarrassment.

Rubio needs to mature.

Cruz is an ego without the bluster.  Besides, he looks like Grandpa Munster.  Our president needs to be able to cross boundaries, not create them.

Kasich.  He’s the go to guy.  If I was working with him in an office, he would be the guy I would look to for answers because he knows what to do.  He has done it before.  He isn’t guessing.  He’s not afraid to speak his mind, but he knows where the line is.

Seven months ago, I never thought that I would be saying that.

Trump gets the nomination, I will vote for him.  I am Republican.  I will wear a diaper to the voting booth because he scares the crap out of me.