Before I begin… well, potty break.

OK, I feel better.

Baseball season officially began this past Sunday.  That only means one thing – insufferable Cubs fans have crawled out of the wood work.

I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan.  I always will be.  There is no other choice, I think.  Once I have believed, I always will believe.  Baseball and God go hand in hand.  That and I can’t imagine pulling for a team that doesn’t win.. every year.. annually.  Baseball is God’s game and the Cardinals prove that.

I have to pee again.  Already.  It sucks imagining that I am old.

I hope you don’t whatever it is I am trying to say a rambler.  I feel one coming on.  My  brain ain’t working any more than it normally does tonight.

The picture for this blog was taken about an hour ago.  My neighbors are pitiful Cubs fans, complete with license plates on their cars that encourage people to pray for the Cubs (not a bad idea… they have existed in hell for 108 years).  Last year they placed a Cubs garb clad goose on the fence facing my yard, then projected a big blue W on my garage when the Cubs finally bested the Cardinals (after many hapless years) in the playoffs.  This year a freshly clad goose has appeared, as well as a Cubs wreath and a W flag facing my house.  Last night, as my magnificently spandex clad self mounted my mountain bike on the back of my car in my driveway, Kilroy and Kilroy’s mother appeared from their second story windows to trash talk me.  Apparently they are taking advantage of that first game Cardinal loss to gloat that the Cardinals are in last place.

I am so going to enjoy pissing in their front yard this September.

It pains me to admit that I hope the Cubs go all the way this year.  My Cardinals are perennial winners.  The Cubs are 100 year losers.  Let their long suffering fans have their time to celebrate, then let’s get back to the business of mocking them.

Rambler is avoided, although I think I am going to write another blog just so I can continue rambling.