How can a simple, brainless object make me feel so stupid?

(don’t answer that unless you want to receive a box of dog poo in the mail — I’ll doo it)

I mean, I feel utterly and tremendously moronic right now.  WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!  BOO HOO!!!!

A friend of mine rebuilt the rear wheel on my road bicycle a few weeks ago, scrapping the destroyed hoop and old spokes.  He used a Velocity rim, a wide dished rim, a good utility wheel that was also a good price.  This time of year I ride on the road more than the dirt, mostly due to my aversion to mud (surprised?).  So I needed a good wheel for my road bike.

The fourth ride on the new wheel, four spokes came loose from their nipples (yes, bicycles have nipples).  Stink.  Pete, my buddy, was good enough to stop by my office to pick up the wheel, brought it back to me two days later.  The wheel seems bomb proof now.  It’s held up for several rides now, shows no sign of failing.  So I decided it was time to replace the old rubber, the tread flat and worn out.

That Velocity rim is a tad too big.  Getting the new tire on is a pain.  I have some real good Crank Brothers tire levers, which helps, but I have to work hard to get the tire on.

Tonight was my fourth attempt.  I have destroyed the tube every time I put the tire on.  After over twenty years of riding, I know how to put a new tire on and replace a tube.  Apparently not.  Tomorrow will be my fifth attempt, but I am going to have to swallow my pride, go visit my friend Pete and let him replace the tire/tube for me.

Drat.  I feel stupid.