It’s Father’s Day.  A day to celebrate the one who helped bring you into this world, perhaps the one person in this world whose influence matters the most, no matter whether that influence is positive or negative.FB_IMG_1466356332499

My dad is a definite positive.  I know there a some who are not so fortunate, who can not or will not say the same.  For those who can’t, I wish I could share my dad with you.  He’s not perfect, something I am indeed thankful for if simply because it gives me hope with my own children — because I really hope that my own children are able to look at me the same way.

Maybe I should share the tribute I sent to my dad today.  It says just a little bit of what I feel for my father:

Happy father’s day to my dad who showed me that a guy can be handsome without hair.

Most importantly, Dad embodies what Jesus tells us to do, to be a servant. He always serves with a smile, something I hope that I have a little of in my own life. Whether it’s teaching a class at church, helping a friend, or being there for my brothers and I, Dad does it without hesitation. I learned to love people by watching my dad, who has never (mostly) met someone he doesn’t like. Dad has always supported me, right or wrong, with an unconditional love that comes from a heart that knows God.

This is my dad — “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Luke 9:23

Thanks, Dad.

You see, my dad gave me the best gift a father can give to his children — an example worth following.  That includes what he believes about God, his faith.  Dad is the most genuine person I know, about as real as a person can be, and his value comes from that quality.  His life has never been about possessions or the things he can have.  People and family are what makes my dad smile.. and I really like that.  Since I was a little boy, I have seen how my dad treats other people, the joy he gets from conversation and the enthusiasm he shows as he shares with someone else.  There is a little of that in me, something I am very thankful for.

Father’s day is an opportunity for me to celebrate and honor my day a bit more openly than I am able to the rest of the year.  Thankfully.

I hope my children will be thankful for me some day in the same way that I am thankful for my own father.  Really, it’s what we guys live for, not to hear our children gush about how great we are, but to see them respect us by the way they live their own lives.  I pray that my example will show in the way my girl and boy live their lives.  If I see just a little of myself in them, I will be happy.

May your day be blessed!