It was a strange weekend.

Doctor follow up.  Blood pressure is very much under control, 124/68 on Friday afternoon and usually somewhere in the vicinity of that pressure.    My doctor was very pleased with what he saw, enough that he said he does not need to see me for another year.


Visit to my parents, the annual family get together.  I went by myself, my children both occupied with either work or camp, my wife decided that work needed her attention.  It felt very strange to be by myself.  My brothers and their wives as well as their children did a good job treating me like it was no big deal.  I felt a bit betrayed by my wife, but I also enjoyed the time with my family.  We went to an outdoor play last night, Hello Dolly, and my little niece enjoyed having her uncle Steve all to herself. I like that my niece and nephew like their uncle.  Anna sat next to me during the play and it was clear that she liked having her uncle with her!

I rode some of the local singletrack trails around Lake Springfield yesterday morning, a treat simply because the local trail group is new and they have been working hard to put together a good trail system.  From what I saw, they have a good start.  The trails were very well maintained and I liked that the trail builders are trying to make them challenging.  It has been very rainy in Illinois lately, so the trails were a bit greasy, but they have a lot of roots and extra stunts added in.  I had a good time riding the trails, the Lick Creek and Polecat Creek trail systems.  They were challenging enough that I dumped twice, and also wrecked a rear derailleur while jumping a log (not a big deal except for the time it will take for my shop to fix the break).20160723_103419

I am home, by myself, enjoying a bit of the quiet.  With Nate gone for the week, it promises to be a quiet week.  I may not be riding much as my road bike is also out of commission.  The rear wheel has been a constant issue all season and has not been quite right since last Fall.  I took it back to my favorite shop last week and my friend, Pete, is looking for a reasonably priced replacement.  He has given up fixing the wheel.