Nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

I love music.

My Google Play list is awesome.

It is eclectlic in a way.  There is gospel mixed in with funk — Jars of Clay, James Brown, Bryan Duncan, Robin Thicke, Rage Against The Machine, Steve Taylor and The Perfect Foil, Cake, Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Beck, Sweet Comfort, Elvis Costello, ELO, Gorillaz, REO Speedwagon, , ,.. just to name a few.  When I am alone, I hook up the Bluetooth speaker to my phone and turn the playlist up loud.  I chair dance.  I stand up and dance, underwear or not.

That is going to be real common for quite a while.  Loneliness is going to be my best friend.

Roll with the changes.  Pump it Up.  Mississippi Delta River Blues.  Rubberneck.  Loser.  Mister Blue Sky.  I Need Your Touch.  Living In New York.  Nothing But The Blood..

So much to keep me moving.  Really, that is the secret to life.