I found the video that the abortion abolitionists have posted on YouTube, with a link to that video on their FB page.  The post on the FB reads as such:

While exhorting lost sheep to rise up and practice (James 1:27) a man representing Yellow Box church in Naperville IL, chose to physically use his much larger body to force himself upon our much smaller but braver sister.

Not shown in this video, is a pastor who comes out and shakes the hand of the attacker after it was brought to his attention.

Hashtags included were RealMenDontForceThemselvesOnWomen, EphesiansFiveEleven, among others.  (How about RealChristiansDontForceThemselvesOnOtherChristiansOrCondemnThem?)

The link to a video of my encounter with them followed.  I was glad in a way to see it, only because I wanted to see if I handled myself the way I thought I had.  I had.  I approached the woman reasonably and my exasperation at the end of the short confrontation was very clear.  I didn’t want that, felt the ire beginning to rise, and that’s why I walked away.  It was so obvious that I was being played, something very obvious when I viewed videos of other confrontations that they have posted.

I created an anonymous FB account and commented.  I was nice, believe me, I was.  I commented that there was bullying, but not by the man with the “larger body”.  I said that the man approached with a reasonable request, received an unreasonable reaction that was looking for conflict.  True to their character, I received a reply to my FB comment within seconds — so you think it is ok for him to force himself on her and that it was her fault.

Where was the forcing?  I asked.

He grabbed her and violently dragged her down the sidewalk was the response.

I do not see any grabbing or violence at all.  How can you say that except to try to justify slander?

My comments as well as theirs were immediately deleted.  I am blocked from commenting on their FB site.  Two particularly acidic comments made by their own members on the video they posted of me were also deleted, presumably to prevent them from being painted badly.  They did not, however, delete a comment that said this —

“The same church where lesbians are serving communion”.

If you are interested, I will post instructions on how to find the FB page and video in my comments.  Please be kind if you post any comments and I encourage you not to.