Yes.  It works.  I wasn’t sure that it would after so much time of being dormant.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

After two weeks of resting my faulty calf muscle, I decided to give it a test.  Last night, I went out for an hour ride around the neighborhood, a leisurely spin at a very leisurely pace.  There were no whacky ups and downs or twists in the middle of the woods like I am accustomed to.  It was a peaceful ride.  I passed by the house of an old friend, Richard, who just happened to be finishing up replacing the tube on the rear of his old mountain bike.  We rode the last half hour of my ride together, a great time of catching up on news.  He has a daughter with downs syndrome and he shared some of the experiences with her as she has grown into her late teens, a teenage girl who sometimes approaches life with the maturity of the five year old.  She has a crush on a boy at church, a boy who treats her nicely, but also has a girlfriend.  His daughter wrote a story that involved the boy taking her to the lake for a picnic, along with his girlfriend who fell into the lake.  She actually shared the story with the boy and his girlfriend before Richard knew she had written the story!

So tonight, after no ill affects from last night’s ride, I went out for 25 miles with a couple of friends.  I rode fairly well.  However, the leg swelled up enough that there was an indentation where my sock and shoe had been.  I am elevating and icing the leg as I write this blog.

A few more weeks and I will be bombing singletrack.  Yippee!!!!