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I missed my titanium and I think it missed me.


The new rear wheel performed famously.  I think I will keep it.

My recovering appendage responded without complaint.  It did, however, require some babying once I got home.  There was swelling.  It has been three weeks, three long weeks.  Sitting around waiting for an injury to heal properly is excrutiating.. and I am not talking about pain.  Waiting sucks.  I know that if I go out and ride the trails, I will most certainly reinjure the muscle.

So I reacquaint myself with the old Serotta.  Honestly, it felt good to ride the road again, enjoy the steady rhythm of my legs and the pleasant zen of maintaining speed.

Plus, I must admit that my titanium bike felt like a feather underneath me.  My dual suspension aluminum mountain bike is fairly light for a mountain bike, but that titanium frame is a fraction of the weight.  There really is something satisfying about how a good, strong, agile bike feels.  When I am on a bike, it feels like life is going to respond the same way and the euphoria is unlike anything else — and it’s all natural.

One more week until singletrack……