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It wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be.  All day I thought about it, tried convincing myself that I used to do it every day, religiously, almost to the point of addiction.  Really it is not something terrible, not at all, I just have found something so much better.

Besides, I don’t rock spandex like I used to.

Tentatively, I mounted the old titanium steed.  I wasn’t quite sure that I remembered what it was like to ride a road bike.  Would I make mistakes?  Maybe I would fall over?  Looking at the tight bib shorts, I almost felt exposed, my man bits displayed for all to see.

Man bits.  Yes.  I said that.

Stepping into the Look pedals was a bit (not man bit) awkward at first.  The SPD cleats that I used with my mountain bike pedals are smaller, a simple step in.  If you don’t hit a road pedal with the cleat at the proper angle, it doesn’t always engage cleanly.

Dealing with drivers also took some getting used to again.  After a mile, a driver passed me on the left as I was entering an intersection, then turned right immediately in front of me, the car leaning so much into the turn that the tires were squealing.  I do not miss interactions with cars and rude drivers.  Not at all.

I maintained a respectable 18 mph average for 15 miles.  Not terrible.  I could do this again, but, well, the trails will not be muddy tomorrow….