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Yesterday, I chose to be an adult.  It doesn’t happen often.  A little of the choice happened by accident, by circumstance.  I bought new tires for my mountain bike Friday evening on the way home from a ride, in a rush, and didn’t buy new tubes (I should go tubeless).  While changing tires, I punctured the tube.  Sooooooo, Saturday morning, I had to wait for the bicycle shop to open before I could fix the flat tire.  Thus, I made an adult choice as a result.

I actually did my chores before riding.  Usually, I ride then chore.  After all, playing is far more important and most the time I have enough energy left after playing to work.  The bicycle shop opened early, so I had new tubes in hand by 8:30 AM, but instead I went home without riding.  The lawn was mowed, trimming done, driveway edged and cleaned, then the asphalt sealed.

By 2 PM, I was done with chores.  Time to play.  And I did.  15 miles of dirt single track, enough to work out the soreness from the chores as well as work out the tightness from the previous two days of riding.

It was a beautiful weekend here in Chicagoland.  Stevie played.  I tried to take a rest day today, but the weather was just too nice to waste.  More singletrack this afternoon.

I am tired.  My muscles are pleasantly worn out.  With my annual mountain bike trip with my friends coming this Thursday and Friday, this weekend will have helped get me ready.

That’s right… more play for Stevie is coming SOON!