I’m alive.  Barely.  After burning the candle at both ends, working at my regular job during the day then going home to work around the house, I am wiped out.  My boss told me to go home early yesterday, get some rest.  Funny thing is that I went home, napped for ten minutes, then packed up stuff to get ready for a meeting with the realtor.

Yes, you heard that right.  Realtor.  After nearly three months, the house is about ready to sell.

I think the realtor was happy with what he saw.  When the photographer comes to take the pictures for the listing, I will post some of the pictures, let you decide.  The house is small, 1400 square feet, and not updated with the latest popular upgrades, but it’s nice and cozy.  In Chicago’s western suburbs right now, there is a shortage of house inventory, so I am hoping that helps the house to sell.  It is a seller’s market.

My realtor is encouraging me to list the house at a price a little below the target price that I had in my mind, but it’s close.  The CMA that he brought with him showed the houses in my neighborhood that have sold in the last six months, a good gauge to use since an appraiser will do the same thing.  My neighborhood has four models of houses that were sold, with only a few variations, so it’s fairly easy to compare and determine a price.

Selling the house is the last step.  It’s beginning to feel final.  Interestingly, my wife was happy and buoyant during the meeting with the realtor.  We even went out to dinner together after the meeting, looking at the condos online that each of us are considering to buy when the house sells.  I am more anxious right now than I have been in the past few months.  This whole divorce thing is becoming more of a reality, a change that I am ready for, yet I am not.  I step back, look at the comfortable house that I have lived in for the last 22 years, think about the small and not as private condo life that I have ahead of me.  Strange, but change is good and it will be good for me.

So, there you go.  Alive.  Life changing.  House about to (hopefully) sell.