Today was a proud day.

My son graduated from high school — my first reason to be proud.

My son met my parents, Miriam (his mother), and his aunt and uncle for lunch.  Not only was he engaged, he was thankful for the generous gifts from my parents.  He spent time and didn’t rush away — another reason to be proud.

Honestly, the events of the day could have gone a different direction.  After all, Nate could have reacted to the separation of his parents, expressed his bitterness.  This was his day, his graduation day, and his parents sat apart from each other.  We got together after the ceremony, planned lunch together.  But Nate showed up, posed for pictures with us, enjoyed himself.  My parents were pleasantly surprised, even impressed, as was I.

I’ll take it.  These days I don’t get to see him often.  There is a high possibility that is why he showed up, sat and talked with me, seemed to enjoy the time together.  And, after all, it was his day.

Yesterday, I finished the majority of the painting in my condominium.  There is a little work left, but the majority is done.  May 6th, when the condo became my own, there was a lot of work to do, mainly due to the chain smoking habits of the person that I bought the condo from.  My dad came up to help me move in at the end of March, commented on the smoke stench then.  It’s gone, but it took a lot of work to make that happen.  On top of that, this place looks real nice and my parents were impressed.  The colors that I chose are subtle and warm, and once I moved my bed into the master bedroom, it was real obvious that the colors were the right choice.  Yes, I am proud.

I will take days like today.  Proud is good!