There and Back Again is the title of my daughter’s new blog, a blog she created to tell of her adventures while she is in Guatemala for 8 weeks.  My daughter has always wanted to do some teaching overseas, so she leaped on the chance to do that through a college program.

There and Back Again, A Redhead’s Journey

If you visit, you will find a girl who writes with a serious smile on her face, speaks from a heart that belongs to God.  Along the way, you will find out a few things about a 21 year old young woman who also has a heart for teaching and is not afraid of the adventure of travelling to an unfamiliar place.

I like reading about her adventures.  I like just as well how she shares what she believes.  We have spent countless hours talking about our faith, she has learned to believe from her mother, and life has taught her quite a few things already.  Perhaps she will keep blogging.. and I hope she does as it’s nice to see a little more of what is inside of her.  Reading her blog reminds me a little of my own life journey, gets me excited to see her own journey unfold, makes me want to see what she learns.

Give her a visit!