One of the things about riding a road bike that I forgot about is the incredible feeling that comes when the rhythm of turning the pedals becomes an inward action, a melding of soul and body.  If it sounds like I am making it up for the sake of poetry, think again.  Ask anyone who rides.  They will tell you the same.  There is no need for meditation or yoga as long as there is a bike to ride.

I get the same when I ride the trails, but it’s less about turning the pedals as it is the thrill of riding and taking in the peace of the woods.  Until a week ago Saturday, I was still able to ride the trails.  Snow and extreme cold had not yet come to the majority of the Chicago area.

It has now.  Not only is there snow on the ground, but temperatures are consistently sub zero or single digits.  Word is that the trails are great for fat bikes, but I don’t have a fat bike and really don’t want to ride my old 26er with studs.  Besides, I need to rediscover my road bike.  Training for my May 14th ride in the Carolinas needs to start now.

That leaves riding my old fluid resistance trainer indoors.  At first, it was like pulling teeth, the first few rides barely enough to break a sweat.  I ride with Netflix on my laptop, but that doesn’t do it for me.  Last Saturday, I went back to the old stand by — music.  It helped.  Each song becomes a goal, with my sight set on making it to the next song, and continue to through the next.  While my rides have progressed to thirty minute low resistance sweats, they are progressing, and I am finding that zen from turning the pedals again.  If I can make it through this month, I am likely going to be ready when the weather breaks enough to take to the road again.

Christmas brought me something that even makes me want to wear spandex again….