I would like if you could keep the noise to a minimum at night.  Saturday night there was noise during the night in the form of high heel shoes clopping on the wood floor and table and chair legs scrapping on the floor.  It would help to take shoes off or put carpet for her and put felt pads on the legs of the chairs and table.

My downstairs neighbor taped a note to my front door during the day this past Monday.  To put things in perspective, she was gone from the beginning of November until this past Friday.  It took her 24 hours to find something to complain about.  Lunatics waste no time. lunatic fringe

I think if there was not already a history of constant complaining, there might be a touch of legitimacy to this particular complaint, nitpicky as it is.  While the two months of peace were welcome, I find the return of the polish queen to be very unsettling.  Truthfully, I don’t like someone who constantly challenges my patience, who I know is going to frustrate me to the point of anger.

I don’t want to be that way.  After all, this is my neighbor, someone who essentially shares my every day existence.  I can hear part of her life.  I know that she hears part of mine.  She reminds me of it.. she waits for it.

That sucks.  When I saw that note taped to my door last night, my heart sunk.  I mean, really, seriously, this is that important to you?  A few footsteps on the floor in the evening, a chair making noise as it is pulled out is a disturbance to you?  FYI, oh queen who occupies and rules the space beneath me, there is already felt on the bottom of the chairs in my dining room and kitchen.  Furthermore, after the outburst she displayed to my daughter last October, I am worried that she is going to do the same to any guest that I have.  Honestly, how can I possibly be more quiet?

I know it doesn’t matter.  She wants to be queen.  She wants to not only rule her piece of our condo world, she wants to rule mine.

I want to be kind yet firm, understanding.  It’s not possible to be that way with this woman.  I chose to be firm.  I wrote out my response.

.. Your behavior is harassment, mean in nature,…Clearly, you are searching for reasons to complain…My behavior and habits as your neighbor are polite, certainly not deserving the terrible attitude that you are expressing to me…I should not have to fear upsetting you and should be able to have guests.  Any attempt by you to approach or speak to a guest of mine will be considered a threat.  I request that you do not speak to or attempt to communicate with any person who visits me.  I will call the police, possibly file a complaint.  I will pass on any note that you give to me, as well as my response, to our association and property management for record.  I will be kind, but within reason.

I made copies of my response, took it down to my neighbor, knocked on her door, handed the copy to her husband when he answered the door, requested the presence of his wife as I read my response.  I wasn’t going to just tape my response to her door.  I handed the copy to him, advised him what I was doing, stepped back and started to read the letter.

She started yelling at me.  I expected it, hoped it would not happen.  I felt my ire rising, especially when her husband exclaimed that “at 2 AM we heard footsteps”.

SO FREAKING WHAT was my response.  She started to yell back at me.  I told her to shut up, turned around at walked back up the stairs.  I did not want to be angry.

I sent a request to the property management to send a copy of her note and my response.  It was scanned and sent to them this morning.

I just want this to be over.