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Last Spring, the men’s breakfast group that I attend every Friday studied and discussed the bible book of Job.  Job was a blessed man, rich with land and cattle and servants and family, a man blameless and righteous in the eyes of God, so much so that Satan challenged God.  The challenge was that God remove the protection he had around Job, let Satan have his way, and surely Job would curse God.  Job suffered terribly, lost all he had, endured friends who said that he was being punished for his sin, yet through it all did not curse God.  In the end, God restored all that Job had lost, rewarded him for his righteousness.

I wish I had the patience of Job.  For that matter, I wish that I could be blameless like Job.  When it comes to righteousness, I am not worthy to even scrape one of his boils.

Here comes my whine.  I have a tendency to come here to do that.

Tomorrow, I am driving 4 hours to meet my daughter, get a lift to Indianapolis to fly to Orlando.  I wrote about it a few days ago.  This is going to be a fantastic trip, one like I have never been able to experience.

This afternoon, two blocks away from home, the low coolant warning light came on in my car.  It wasn’t overheating, so I assumed it was just low coolant.  I let the engine cool, added coolant, took the car out for a short drive.  A mile from my house, the coolant warning light came back on.  I pulled in my garage, checked again.  Coolant was low, so I added more.  This time I let the car run in the garage, checked for leaking hoses, couldn’t find a leak.. that is until I looked under the car to see coolant pouring from the back of the engine.


Crap, crap, crap.  What to do?  I fumed for a few minutes, asked God why things like this always seem to happen to me (tried not to curse God.. even Job asked God why bad things were happening to him).  I called the rental car company that I normally deal with, got a great deal on a rental car.  While I am not quite making lemonade, I am avoiding the persimmons.  I will take my car to my mechanic in the morning, get in the rental car, and save the worries until next Tuesday.

The car broke down in my garage, for goodness sakes.  This could be worse.  I could have been stranded on the tollway on the south side of Chicago tomorrow (that’s bad shoo shoo), instead, and trying to figure out how to make the flight to Orlando.  Really, I should be counting my blessings.  The car was going to break down any way and it broke down in a convenient place.

I am packed, ready to go.  I finally have enough money to relax on a vacation, something I don’t ever think has happened before on any vacation that I have taken.  Four days with my wonderful daughter.  What else can I ask for?  Perfection?  Over rated.

Butter beer, here we come!