It’s starting to become comical.  Correction – it has been comical for a while, but even I am starting to laugh a little more at the situation.

The situation?

If it wasn’t obvious already, my downstairs neighbor is a crazy woman obsessed with driving away her upstairs neighbors.  So obsessed is this woman, so driven to control her world and expand it beyond her little condo, that she refuses to give up.  It’s lunacy.

Call me childish.  It won’t offend me.  I am childish and proud of it.  Last Wednesday night was the monthly condo association meeting.  Days before, a sign was posted at the entrance to the development to announce the 7 PM meeting.  I have gone to one meeting since I moved in last April.  Each meeting has a time where residents can voice their concerns, complaints and suggestions to the condo board, followed by the business of the meeting.  I know that my unfriendly downstairs lunatic attended a meeting to complain about me shortly after I moved in.  I complained about her at the meeting that followed her early morning outburst to my daughter and I last October.

I bought a leather recliner last Wednesday evening after work.  As I was toting the recliner up the stairs to my place, 15 minutes before the condo meeting was to begin, my favorite neighbor emerged from her cave.  She rushed out the door to the courtyard, a sheet of paper in her hand.

Hmmm… I wonder where Terese the Terrible was headed?

Attending a condo board meeting was not on my agenda for the evening.  However, no way was I going to miss witnessing her tirade in front of the meeting.  Even better, my presence might just upset her enough to shut her up.  I moved my new recliner in, brushed my teeth, then headed out the door for the meeting.

Yes, it was a bit of a childish thing to do.  It might also have been a good thing to do.  My neighbor was leaning over the chairman of the board, fervently preaching to her as I walked in and took a seat in the third row of seats.  A nice couple seated next to me introduced themselves and chatted with me while we waited for the meeting to begin.  Finished with her sermon to the board chairman, Terese the Terrible took a seat two rows directly in front of me.  I knew that she saw me, especially when she turned around and attempted to give me an evil stare.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  It was a really pitiful attempt, but there was a bit of demon in her eyes.  What was that about the couple asked me.  All I said was that we shall see.

We didn’t see.  Moments later, Terese whipped out her cell phone and began texting frantically.  I felt special.  Very special.  She was upset that I was there.  Her plans for audience to her complaints were foiled.  The meeting started, the floor was opened to resident comments.  My neighbor sat in the front row, fists clenched and silent.  The meeting moved on to the business of the meeting.  A few minutes later Terese’s husband, Thad the Tiny Balled, walked in and sat next to his wife, a stern stare in my direction as he sat down.

The meeting adjourned, the board still seated at the front of the room.  The lovely couple surrounded the chairman, Terese frantically shoving the paper in the chairman’s hand, obviously a written complaint.

I have heard nothing.  Maybe that document was an announcement that she is moving?

That is my prayer.  I can only hope.