It’s March, a time of year in Chicagoland where we really don’t know what to expect, a season of the unpredictable.  Weather can be cold, it can be warm, windy, rainy, snowy, icy.  When it comes to cycling, one needs to be savvy and flexible, ready to ride when the weather allows, willing to ride when conditions are less than favorable.

One of the blessings of being a cyclist who enjoys both mountain bike (dirt) riding and road riding is that I can pick and choose the type of riding according to what the day offers.  Wind and cold may mean that I ride dirt trails in the woods.  Moist weather may mean that the road is the best place to experience the joy of riding.  Either way, I am going to be on  the bike.

I like these days, when my time is my own, when I have the choice.

Lately, the only reason why I don’t ride is fatigue.  I rest when my body needs a rest.  I have been riding when I want to ride, which is practically every day.  Last night, I rode in shorts and a tee shirt, on dirt trails, led two friends on a ride through the familiarity of my favorite system, two hours of hard riding that showed me that I am already coming into form.  I slept the sleep of satisfied fatigue last night, the tired joy of a man who has pushed his body in the right way.

Funny, my friend that I led along the trails last night posted on FB about the comical patience that I displayed as I led her and her boyfriend last night.  It was fun.  I had to ride harder than usual, pay attention to the lines I am familiar with, because I was leading two above average riders.  I liked that I was able to push myself.  I was proud.

Life is always good when I am riding, even in March.

One note — my son will win a huge NCAA basketball pool that I paid for him to enter — if Villanova wins.  Pretty cool.