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It’s been so freaking cold here in the Chicago area that I was tempted to put my Christmas tree up for Easter.  Spring here is always a finicky beast, but this year it’s more grumpy than ever.  Everyone is complaining, grousing at the snow storms even in it’s beauty, even as the snow blankets everything in white then disappears as the day progresses.  Ever the positive one, I try to remind my disgruntled friends and family that these are perhaps our last chances to take in the serenity and purity that snow brings, revel in the sight especially since it doesn’t even require shoveling.  I am good that way, have only been slapped a few times.

I am also full of BS.  I want the cold weather gone as much as anyone else.  As a cyclist, I am very tired of the tights and layers required for each ride.  My neighbors have remarked several times that they too are tired of the sight of me in tights.  Saturday morning, it was 27 degrees when I threw my leg over the top tube, winter riding gloves on and wool socks protecting my tootsies (yes, I said ‘tootsies’.. I am secure).  Ironically, the freezing temperatures do have an upside for mountain biking — frozen trails.  However, one must get out early in the morning, when it is still cold, because the trails begin to thaw in the sunlight.  Thawing trails become greasy, not the ideal condition.  Greasy trails are not as much fun as it sounds.. dangerous is not fun.

My spare time has found me preparing for those sunny days despite the frigid temperatures.  The days of open windows will be here soon enough.  Over the weekend, I picked out a nice two person glider and matching chair for the deck at my condo.  My condo faces a wooded berm, with lots of cardinals and robins and various birds, as well as squirrels and bunnies.  Mornings and evenings outside are in my future, my deck a place of refuge.  I can’t wait.  The grill is refueled, clean and ready as well.

Bring on the bike shorts.  I am ready!