I am a VW owner.  I am happy sometimes, frustrated often when it comes time to pay for repairs.  My VW requires a hefty investment to keep it running.  It runs and will run for a long time, but one must remain dedicated or else that sucker will go to an early grave.

Early is relative.  My 2012 VW Tiguan has nearly 120K miles on it.  In the two years it has been in my possession, every possible malfunction to that model has occurred.  I am poor due to its influence on my life, to the tune of over $5000 in repairs.  It has required a new water pump assembly, intake manifold gasket, new rear brake rotors/pads (thanks for the absolutely zero warning, VW… those suckers were expensive), ignition coils.. probably a complete intake manifold overhaul if the rough performance it is exhibiting is the culprit.

But I still like my VW.  Why?

Hell, I have no clue.  Maybe because the car has nearly 120,000 miles on it and shows no signs of giving up.  Maybe it’s because it will run over a deer carcass at 60 mph and show no ill effects.  I like my VW, hate that it makes me a poor man.

It would be gone if I could afford it.  It’s a good ride, but not good enough to keep going into debt to keep it running.