Strange days indeed.  Most peculiar (mama).  (John Lennon?)

47817I just finished eating dinner, a casual comfort food type of meal — roast beef slow cooked for four hours with carrots and potatoes.  The meal became a constant prayer of praise, as I thanked God for the blessing that was so obvious with each delicious bite.  The carrots had soaked up the juices from the roast, as had the potatoes, the meat tender and juicy, falling apart as my fork plunged in.  I swear that I moaned with pleasure as each fork full entered my ginormous gob.


Comfort food on July 1st seems odd to be talking about, but it’s true.  As I planned my meals for this week, I looked at the weather forecast for today and knew that the late afternoon and evening would be filled with thunderstorms.  Why not fill my house with the smell of the roast cooking in the oven while I performed tasks that should be reserved for rainy days?  My biking friends would say that rainy days are when bike maintenance should be performed, a practice that I tend to follow.  However, in late June and July, the weather is so stinking hot and humid here that it makes even light tasks a challenge, including bike maintenance.  Today, I opted for church, then a short nap (I was out until 3 AM, a product of my new found single status), then a thorough steam shampoo of my carpets.  The roast was sent to the oven around mid afternoon.

The last few days have been beastly hot and humid here in Chicagoland.  I am not surprised.  What that means for me is that each ride requires an accessory called a “head sweat” cap, a necessity for me as my hairline recedes and the sweat becomes more of a nuisance while I exercise.  The hydration pack, nerdy as it is, is also a necessary option.  I skipped the pack last Thursday night since the extra weight hampers my riding, something I paid for after the ride.  Dehydration cramps suck.  It takes a lot of dedication to get a full ride in as the heat takes over after 30 minutes or so, my body telling me that it’s getting a bit too hot.  Yesterday, I listened to my body, called it quits after 45 minutes.  Not only is it hot here, but the trails I ride are in the woods, with swamps in between the berms the trails are built on.  It’s extra humid.

So, this time of year means playing it by ear.  There are always a few days where it rains, making it impossible to ride the dirt, then followed by hot humid days where the trails are great but I lose ten pound just by sweat alone.  Odd, but it’s the midwest.  We have to roll with the punches.

I think I will have a few more bites of roast…..