…anyone care to guess what it is?

I will give you a very strong hint.  A certain un-nice person who lives in the condo unit below me is back.

To say I am ecstatic should be totally unnecessary.  Uncanny, maybe.  Uncool is more like it.  This morning, I could hear the noise of existence underneath my feet, the first evidence of Terese in months.  There have been a few false alarms, just her husband popping in to check on things, but she is there now.

How do I know she has returned?  It’s obvious.  I came outside a few minutes ago to enjoy the peace on my deck, maybe do a little reading or write a blog while listening to a baseball game.  There was a strong thunderstorm this afternoon, so it was still damp.  I have a little deck table, a puddle on top from the rain.  Before I put my book and laptop on the table, I dumped the water into a close by flower pot, a towel close by to catch the drips and dry the table.  As I moved the table a little bit of water sloshed off and dripped on the plastic tarp that Terese has mounted underneath my patio deck.  Instantly, she came screaming outside and started yelling at me, screaming that she would not tolerate my water.

Seriously?  Methinks someone missed the drama.  I know I didn’t.

I looked at her.  It was difficult to keep from responding.

“Welcome back”