I am cheap.  Very, very, very, very cheap.  I will not spend money unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Everything in my possession gets used until it can no longer be used.  That is something that is very evident in the equipment I use for cycling.

Last night, I reached the point of no return with my mountain bike shoes.  After four years, they finally blew out and gave up the ghost.  I spent a whole whopping $60 on those Shimano shoes four years ago.  The right shoe completely blew out the side.  Interestingly enough, the blowout did not prevent me from finishing my ride.

That means I had to spend money today.  For the past few months, I have known that my shoes were far past their life expectancy.  My hope was that I could make them last until there was a gap in my budget and I could afford the really cool shoes.  I have had my eyes on a pair of Five Ten Hellcat shoes, fairly expensive but not over the top expensive.  Because my shoes blew out before I was ready to spend the money, I had to settle.  I bought a pair of Shimano ME3 shoes today, a very comfortable shoe, but not cool.  Shimano is good for guys who need wide toe boxes, like me.  I will be very happy.


The new cleats are on.  I will be breaking the new shoes in with newcomers to the sport tomorrow morning.  Apparently, the guy who is in charge of the trail system I ride thinks that I am a good ambassador for the sport.  I am leading two noobs on their first ride in the morning.  Last night was a noob ride, although that kid was very very good!