Lots of things stirring around in my mind tonight.  That’s dangerous.

This is vapid — what band would you cover if you could do it?  The Cars is my choice.  My brother, Mark, is an insanely talented keyboard player who covered ‘Moving In Stereo’ when he was in high school.  Every time I hear “except for my shoes”, his favorite lyric, I go crazy.

So much happening and not happening right now.  My dad is visiting the weekend of the 15th, such a cool thing for me.  We talk a few times a day, the opportunity to text something my dad loves.  I am thinking we should visit the singles bars the weekend he visits.  Why not?  We are both single.

My daughter is visiting Budapest at the end of March, with her roommate.  The company I work for is headquartered there.  I so much want to coordinate my yearly visit with her visit.  That would be incredible!  I asked a contact at headquarters to suggest possible attractions for her and her roomie, who is visiting with her.  One was, of all things, a cat café.  My daughter LOVED it.  There is a possibility I could visit headquarters at the same time.  I am hoping for that.

So much to say, but so little focus right now.  I visited with coworkers from my job of 25 years tonight.. and I am a little bit toasty after the visit.  So much to say.  So little focus…..