My dad is coming to visit me this weekend!  We get to be two swinging bachelors together for a few days.  Friday night, he is going to join me for ‘therapy night’ with my two best friends, a regular thing with my friends.  I get to share him with them and they with him, something I am really looking forward to.  I hope they are ready for it because they are going to get double Steve — I am definitely my father’s son.

This is the first time Dad is going to stay with me at my condo.  Let’s hope my illustrious downstairs neighbor behaves.  If she doesn’t, she will be sorry.  Dad is a bit mischievous!  Tonight, I spent some time making sure the second bedroom is ready, neat and tidy.  If any room in my place was a little unkept, it was that room.

Dad can relate to me a little more now, since we both are single and learning to cope with living on our own.  I can help him a little with that, the nearly two years by myself have taught me a lot.  It’s not that he is doing bad.  Dad is doing well, his life busy.  I think he is beginning to embrace the quiet, welcome the memories, accept the sadness with the new.  I am certain we will have some good conversations this weekend, talk and maybe even cry a little together.  Honestly, I am looking forward to that as well.  We both need it.