I haven’t been staying away from my blog on purpose, although I have been visiting the blogs of the people I follow here.  That’s more necessary than my own writing, for the time being.  I tend to gravitate to personal blogs, for obvious reasons (that’s what mine has become), and keeping up with the bike rides, moves, teaching moments, personal life change journeys, etc… of the people I know here is important to me.

My life?

Spending time cultivating a friendship with a pretty neighbor, just a friendship and happy that is all it is at the moment.  She’s a friend who holds my hand and encourages me just by wanting to spend time with me.  It’s nice.  That’s nice.

Enjoying even better relationships with all but one neighbor.  I really like the potential of close knit friendships with the people who live close to me.  One neighbor comes by and keeps me company while I am working on bikes in my garage, another comes up just to say hello and catch up on our lives, another just likes to talk, and another goes on an occasional bike ride with me.

New bicycle in my life, a 2019 Salsa Deadwood carbon SLX.  I bought it on credit, a big no no for me, but I needed this bike.  NEEDED.  More reports on that bike will likely follow.  It’s a 29+ bike, with 2.6″ tires (and it will accomodate up to 3″).  Full suspension.  It’s a totally different type of ride than my Specialized Camber FSR… which I sold to a kid last Sunday.  The Camber had a new frame and shifting components and grips — looked and rode like a new bike.  I said good bye to that bike with tears, but it just didn’t fit me.

Driving my daughter’s old Nissan Versa (almost 200K miles) while my son drives my VW.  He totaled his car.  We have to figure out what to do about his transportation when his sister comes back next month and needs her car for the two months she is here.  I just replaced the brake pads on her car yesterday, with more work needed on the front end (crap crap crap).

Time for church.  Parking lot duties this sunny morning.  Wearing my Cardinals jersey since it’s the first Cards vs Cubs weekend series, even though the Cardinals have dropped the first two games.

More to come.