Sun’t out and it’s Monday morning.  Of course.  That’s the way the weather rolls in Chicagoland.  After a murky weekend, I drove through fog this morning and then was greeted by glorious parting clouds at sunrise.  Halfway through my commute through the southwest suburbs, I pass by a place called Sauganuskee Slough (I know I spelled it wrong), a gloriously beautiful body of water that always is gorgeous at sunrise.  I think I may have used a picture of the slough as my blog header at one time.

Despite the rain and clouds all weekend, it was an enjoyable weekend.  I love being outside, especially in the woods, but that wasn’t to be.  Instead, I spent Saturday morning being a responsible adult, not always a possibility for me, with most of my chores accomplished.  I failed to get my grocery shopping done, but did at least get my week’s menu and shopping list done.  I also wanted to shampoo my carpets, but did manage to purchase the shampoo (the good stuff, with Febreeze).

The annual condo doubles tennis tournament was supposed to happen at 9 AM, a tournament that Nate and I won (mostly Nate — the kid is incredibly good) last year.  It was drizzly and wet, so the tournament was postponed until 1 PM.  I helped brush off the puddles and soak up the water with towels, then we played the tournament.  My friend, John, filled in as my partner since my partner (Carl) was having girlfriend issues and couldn’t play.  Nate is away at college.  We squeaked out another tennis title, neither of us played our best tennis but still managing to make the plays at the right time.  The final set was decided in a tie breaker.

I went to play video games with Lisa and her granddaughter on Friday night.  What a blast!  We played a version of air hockey that dropped a bunch of tiny brightly colored pucks all at once in the middle of the game.  Haileigh was delighted.  We both suffered through a few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution, as well.  Saturday night was Mexican train dominoes with Lisa, Haileigh, and Joan (Lisa’s sister) to celebrate Joan’s birthday.  I won in obnoxious fashion.  Don’t play board games or watch baseball with me if you can’t take someone who celebrates each and every point.

The Cardinals clinched the NL central yesterday.  I celebrated quietly.  Lisa and I took Haileigh home Sunday afternoon, then had a nice dinner together as the Bears won.  I hit the sack early last night, 8:30 PM, bushed from the weekend.  I had to tiptoe to bed — the carpet was still damp from being shampooed.

Have a great week — time for work!