Sunday.  Near noon.  The Bears are playing the Packers in a game that could decide if the Bears are playoff bound or not.  I am a Bears fan, excited to see that recently the team has been playing like they really do want to be a championship team.  My place on the couch was ready, a lazy afternoon of watching football waiting for me.  Adding to my interest was the success of my fantasy football team, a dismal loser at the beginning of this NFL season, with five straight losses out of the box.  Somehow, my team has lost only one week since then, and in the running for the big money right now.  I wanted to monitor all the scores and stats of today’s games.

Too bad my priorities are straight.  The weather outside was not frightful, although the fire was delightful, but the fire was not going to keep me inside.  It was sunny, with temperatures in the mid twenties.  Mountain biking was my priority.. and mountain biking won out over football.  After all, I could get to the trails by 11:30, be home a little after 2, still catch most of the third quarter.

There were no bowel related incidents during today’s ride.

Did you know that Santa’s elves mountain bike?  I discovered evidence of that today.  A few miles in during my ride, I found the decorated Christmas tree that either elves or gnomes put up next to the trail.  In the midst of the winter beauty was a large red ornament hanging over the trail, with a little tree.  I had to pause a while and wonder.