What do you do on Mothers’ day if your mother has passed?  Visit her gravesite?  My mother was cremated, although Dad did make sure she has a marker at the cemetery.  Her marker is a two and a half hour drive away, so it’s not really practical for me to make the drive to visit her that way.  The best way for me to celebrate my Mom today came in a few simple forms of remembrance.

A lot of things remind me of my mother.  That mother’s day is a holiday celebrated on a Sunday is appropriate for my mother, simply because she was always in her element when she was at church.  My family rarely missed a Sunday service, partly because Mom was a gifted pianist and organist, so she played for services nearly every Sunday.  Church was and is still something that we all enjoyed, a way of life for us that went beyond just going to church.  Mom (and Dad) lived what they believed and church was just an extension of that faith.  So, as I worshipped this morning (online, of course) my thoughts were drawn to my mother.  She may be the biggest reason that I am a Christian.

IMG_20200510_114613854Food.  Lots of children talk about the meals their mother cooks for them.  One of the things my mother did for me when I moved out of the house was type up the recipes I enjoyed the most, put them in a card file for me to keep.  Today, I cooked one of the more simple meals she used to prepare for us, a sour cream noodle bake recipe that is absolutely delicious.  I think I am going to remember her every mother’s day by preparing one of her recipes.  I smiled with each bite!

Mom also recorded several CDs of her playing the piano, just for her family and friends to enjoy.  I have many memories of her playing, the hymns and favorites flowing from her fingertips, more often than know an extension of her heart.  I like to say that my brothers and I went to sleep each night when we were young listening to our mother pray — her music was simply her way of pouring her heart out to God.  Anyone who has listened to her play knows that.  After the often difficult days of dealing with my brothers and I (and sometimes, Dad, her other boy), she needed to unwind, needed to spend time letting her soul speak.  Music was the best expression of her heart, a true gift, and I think I understood more about her as I matured simply because I listened to her music.

There were tears today, but I am enjoying remembering her.  Friends tell me that the memories are not as strong as time passes.  I am not so sure of that.

Happy day to all.  I hope it was a good and blessed day.