I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of the current state of our world, what with the pandemic and all, but I want to say that as long as it is warm outside, my life really isn’t all that different. Warm weather is a time to be outside, to bike and play sports and swim and walk and sit outside with friends and mess with my flowers (that is not innuendo). Yes, there are no concerts or summer movies. Dating is different during this time, although right now going out to eat is more fun simply because most restaurants have improved their patio areas.

Dating is more different for me pandemic or not. At 59 years young, dating is not what it was when I was in my teens and twenties. It’s better. Women are different in a much better (wink wink) way than they were way back when. It’s fun.

I’m saying the word ‘love’ a lot this summer. The condo community I live in has a tennis court and there are a lot of residents who play. There has been a doubles tennis tournament the last three summers, and I have been lucky enough to have won two of the last three tournaments. The first tournament was won with my son as my partner, last year with one of my best friends, John. John paired up with someone else this year, since my son was my partner for this summer’s tournament. He and his partner squeaked by us in the tournament final, beating us in a tie breaker after being down to us 4-0 in the set (the tournament was played with each match being only one set). This summer, we are also playing a singles league. There will be a season finale tournament with seeding based on each player’s season record. Each match is a ten game pro set, with the winner of each match the first to win ten games.

The singles season started last Saturday. I ended up playing a lot, was at the courts over four hours. It was hot. At one point, I had to be cooled off with a leaf blower (it was a joke, a very welcome joke). I won my first match, 10 to 4.

I have played tennis 3 out of the last 4 days. For those wondering, yes, I did manage to get a sweat soaked ride in on the day I didn’t play tennis. The person who set up the match pairings ranked me high, since I have done well in the doubles tournaments. I tried to tell him I don’t have skills, that my success is due to my choice of partners, but he didn’t listen. That means that two of the three matches I have played have been against the best players in the league. I won 10-0 last night, then lost to the player tonight who will likely win the league, 7-10. He had me down 8-1 at one point.

The matches last Saturday were a blast. Most players showed up early, watched the others play, stuck around and played more when the scheduled matches were over. Residents came out to watch. The guy I played even brought his own fans!

We’re having fun. I am going to hate saying good bye to warm weather in a few months. I always do.