You don’t know how much I appreciate what you did today. You really showed me what a wonderful man you are. I saw your strength, you character, and I am so glad God has given you to me

She said that with her arms wrapped tightly around me, tears in her eyes, the gratitude expressed in a way I have been waiting for, probably for decades. I received it from my wife, the one person in my life I really need to hear that from. Do I remember her words exactly? No, but it’s the intent of the words that mean the most to me. Her gratitude, the validation she so sweetly gave to me, tastes better than any meal I will ever consume. I will cherish that moment for the rest of my life.

I was tired. So was she. We had just arrived home after helping her son move into a third floor apartment, an all day affair that had started early last Saturday morning. He was struggling, having made the difficult decision of leaving his girlfriend the week before, and desperately needed support. Moving day had come and he really wasn’t prepared except for having the apartment leased. I texted him early in the morning, asked if he had reserved a moving van or truck. He hadn’t, so I told him I would go find a van for the move, meet him at the storage unit where he had stashed his things. Saturday morning is not really the time to try to find a moving van, but I was fortunate, found the last van available at the local UHaul. The kicker was that it needed to be returned by 4 PM, as it was reserved at that time. It only gave us a few hours to get him moved into his place.

We got it done. I pushed, wouldn’t let anyone quit. Several times during the day, Lisa remarked at the benefit my mountain biking has on me. I literally pushed the dresser and a few of the larger items up the stairs. I returned the van to the rental with 15 minutes to spare. I came back to the apartment, helped set up the bed frame, a computer desk, and a few other items. The day required me to flex my muscle in more ways than one, my strength needed by example as much or more than physical strength. I’m proud of myself, but what really boosted my confidence was the pride she expressed to me.

I don’t want to abuse your grace, (but) Lord I need it every day. It’s the only thing that ever really makes me want to change.

Your forgiveness is like sweet, sweet honey on my lips, like the sound of a symphony to my ears

  • from the song Holy Water by We the Kingdom

If ever I understood my need for God’s grace, His forgiveness, it is now. If ever I saw how great His grace is for me, it is now. My entire life has been one constant demonstration of God’s grace to me. God has proven to me that grace is mine even during a time after a divorce, a time where I have felt I deserve it the least. I have been provided someone who shows me what God’s grace is, a partner who so kindly gives me her own form of grace every day. She loves me as I am, just as God does. As the song says, it’s the only thing that ever really makes me want to change.

Lisa put this up on the wall of our bedroom recently. I like it!