English: male belly button

English: male belly button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have done a lot of contemplating in the last 24 hours.  My navel.  My new navel.  My new navel not numb no.  My new navel no numb nor nude.

Enough of that game.

My navel really is new.  New to me even.  No longer is it a button.  My navel is more like a swirling vortex, not in a toilet sort of way, but in a black hole sort of way except with a bottom.  When the surgeon removed my gall bladder, he took it out through my belly button.  Neat, eh?  Until yesterday afternoon, I had not seen my navel for close to two weeks.  I missed it.

Come to think of it, I really have never contemplated my navel (not much at least) for quite a while.  Let’s just say that the nurse who prepped me for surgery had to use a weed whacker to clear the way for the surgeon.  TMI?  There is never TMI in my book.

Which I am not writing?  I have devoted more time this week to my blog than my NaNo.  I am OK with that.  I am having fun with both.

Why did I put a question mark in the first sentence of my last paragraph.

My surgeon did the post op exam yesterday afternoon.  I am declared healthy once again.  Yippee.  Yahoo.  I can go back to work.  Um.  yip.  I can ride my bike again as long as I am careful.  Yahooey.

And I can contemplate my swirling vortex, which I have done with some delight in the past 24 hours.  There was a bandage over it since November 11.

I leave you all to contemplate.  Ohm.