Here I sit, greasy and unshaven, pondering what to do with my free time while on holiday break.  My office is open today through Thursday of this week, my boss graciously holding down the fort today and Thursday.  I am thoroughly rested, accomplished Saturday while nurturing the affects of too much Christmas cheer on Friday.  While I didn’t really overdo it to the point of it being dangerous, I let my boss buy four rounds at lunch on Friday — which for me is too much.  I arrived home Friday evening, proceeded to pass out on the couch, roused at midnight by my wife.  She wanted to go to sleep and the couch is her bed when our daughter is home from college.

Christmas was actually a nice time.  We went to Christmas eve church services together as a family, celebrated Christmas day at home in our usual fashion.  Of course, this holiday was different than any other in our family, something that I know we all were thinking about even though no one said it.  We consumed our traditional cinnamon roll breakfast, exchanged gifts (nice gifts — my son wanted to give his mother tickets to a James Taylor concert at Wrigley field this summer, so I bought them and he gave them to her).  Don’t go see ‘Fences’, the movie we chose to see at the theater.  It’s real bad.  My guess is that it was far more powerful on the stage, power that did not transfer to the screen.

I am trying to be productive this week.  Finding someone who will replace the two nasty windows in the master bedroom has been a challenge.  No one wants to do just two windows, so they quote high.  Our plan is to replace those two windows, then negotiate a credit for the rest of the windows in the house when we sell the house.  Yesterday, I spent part of the day trying to get quotes for windows, did small projects around the house.  It was a decent day outside, so I washed the siding and shutters on the front of the house, scrubbed the garage door, reattached all the downspouts.  I also attempted to recaulk a window — and may give up on that.  It looks VERY amateur.20161227_105720.jpg

Painting starts next week around the house.  Out of respect for my daughter, I am trying to do very little to the house while she is home from college.  It’s a delicate situation — I need to do things, but I don’t want to add to the angst.

Next week also starts indoor riding season.  I need to get serious again after taking a few weeks off.  Last night I dreamed that I had entered an indoor time trial race, finished in second place despite not riding a road bike for months.  My mind is trying to tell me something.

Hope all is well with everyone.  Thanks for reading and living a little of my life with me during 2016.  Next year should prove to be quite an adventure, so stay tuned.