Why don’t you make chicken and dumplings tonight for dinner?  Nate really likes your chicken and dumplings.

My wife texted me late this afternoon, informing me that she is working late, a not so rare occurrence these days.  What is even more rare is for our family to eat dinner together.  What is even more rare is for our son to actually eat what is cooked for dinner. I am a very good cook, but it really doesn’t matter.  Unless my daughter is home, I am going to eat alone.  Meal planning was never my wife’s forte even when she was a SAHM, a precedent that has carried over into the present.

I made the dumplings any way.  I like them.  They are a light version of a standard recipe.  If you don’t mind messing with making the dumplings from scratch, then it’s an easy dish to prepare.

Nate came home from playing tennis with his friends at the club.  Did he eat the dumplings?  No.

I can’t wait until this divorce is final.  I can’t wait until I can plan meals and not worry about anyone else.  The spoiled child is living with his mother.