Have you ever made an offer to someone, then later wonder why you offered?  A few weeks ago, I did just that.  While commiserating with friends out in the parking lot after a seriously enjoyable single track ride, one of those friends shared that he is thinking about trying out road biking.  He is one of those very young, enthusiastic and gifted guys who is overflowing with the joy he gets from riding.  Deni is 18, just recently moved here from Bosnia with his mother, and when he started showing up at the trails, one of the regulars took him under his wing.  The boy has learned fast, partially due to the youth factor — he is still too young to realize he is mortal and is not aware that mortality can be fleeting.  That results in someone who will go full blast at any obstacle on the trail, a strength when riding a mountain bike (although it can result in injury, as well).  Last August, I rode with him and another friend when he experienced the challenges of an extremely rocky and steep descending trail.  We smiled as Deni relished that ride, exclaiming at the end that it was the most awesome experience he has ever had.

Thus, we all like Deni.  Being around him reminds me of what I once was or at least hope I once was.

Deni waited on my lady friend and I a few weeks ago when we went out for breakfast.  She liked him too, admired his good looks.  The kid is tall, dark, and handsome.  Her daughter would be very interested, according to what she said.  He has that going for him, as well.  Deni is one of those young men that you can’t help but want to help out.

So, when he mentioned that he wants to try road biking but doesn’t have a bike, I offered to let him try my road bike for a while.  I mostly ride dirt now.  What could it hurt?  I would want the bike back this winter, since it’s the bike that goes on my indoor trainer, but Deni was welcome to have it to ride for a while.

Did I mention that my road bike is a very nice Serotta Legend Ti with titanium frame and carbon fork?  It’s an older bike, but still a great ride.  I was offering up an expensive piece of equipment.

He came by my place a week ago, immediately went for a 30 mile ride.  Judging from the texts Deni sent to me after his ride, the kid is already hooked on speed!  While it was tough for me to give up the Serotta for a while, it is worth it if it means I helped a newbie get started in the sport.

Here is a picture of my Serotta Legend Ti, taken almost two years ago.  It’s outfitted the same now, with Look pedals, Shimano DuraAce rear derailleur and Ultegra front, Neuvation wheels, Ritchey compact cranks, carbon seat post.