Yes, I know.  I bought a book with the words written backwards.

(Yes, I know. I bought a book with the words written backwards.

Alyssa wanted a book for Christmas — 702 Writing Prompts.  They were out of that specific book at the store, so I bought her the cut rate version.  She found what she wanted after Christmas and left the cheapo book for me to use.  What fun!  It’s a journal of sorts with, you guessed it, WRITING PROMPTS!

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

You have magic soap.  What does it wash away?

If you could spend a day living the adventures of any cartoon character, which one would you choose?

Most of the prompts are just as mundane.  The real question is how would I spend a productive day?  I already have magic soap.  It works, but then I smell like cheese for a month.  And the cartoon character is one I probably shouldn’t share.

There are some thought provoking questions and suggestions in the book, such as…

Do you do good things when no one is watching?

(I wonder what fib I will come up when I tackle that one.)

What do you believe happens after we die?

(What’s with the ‘we’ stuff?  Is the author of this book named Jim Jones?  I do like the thought of writing this one.  I think about it often.)

My original intention when I started writing today’s blog was to make this a fun activity for everyone, invite all to join in and write on the same prompt.  I used to belong to a weekly writing prompt group when I blogged on Multiply.  That group provided a prompt at the beginning of each week and group members were invited to create their own poem or story or meme or video or toilet sculpture (don’t scoff.. some did or at least came close), then post a link back to their creation in the comments section of the blog.  There were rules for posting and commenting.

So, I will throw out a prompt write here, not from the book this week, but a prompt.  If you care to contribute, do it.  This is an experiment, so this may only happen once.  For sake of a name, let’s call this “Steve’s Stupid Idea”.

Here is the first, maybe only, prompt:


My contribution will be up shortly.  Yes.  I know that sounded self deprecatingly dirty.