What just hit me?

Oh, it was just a week.

(Please, may the ground under Hillary Clinton open up and swallow her.. now.. before we have to endure her presidential campaign…. I should never blog with the nightly news on the TV)

Sorry for the random thought.

Easter.  Worked directing traffic all morning in the church parking lot.  Lots of people in Naperville, Illinois go to church on Easter.  Fixed my family famous cheese potato casserole (I’m no Gordon Ramsey).  Ate lots of ham.

Easter evening and first game of the 2015 MLB season — a glorious victory by the St. Louis Cardinals over the Chicago Cubs.  My recently returned Redbird chirped happily.  Nate and I took in the game together at the local Buffalo Wild Wings, I in my Cardinals jersey and Nate in his Ron Santo Cubs jersey.  Two fetching young brunette Cardinals fans were seated at the table next to us, decked out in lovely Cardinals jerseys.  Nate tried to ignore me as I talked to them, then gestured at him as I introduced him as my son to our pretty acquaintances.

“This is my son the Cubs fan.  Would you two ladies care to give him a reason to switch allegiance?”

Nate blushed crimson red as the two girls surrounded him with hugs and kissed him on the cheeks.  I do believe this may have been the first time my son has not complained about my tendency to talk to everyone that I meet.

I drove Alyssa back to college in Indiana on Monday.  I absolutely love the one on one attention I get during the car trips I have had with her.  Monday was no exception.  She insisted that I go with her to her favorite college coffee shop, a place called the Abbey in Marion, Indiana.  Her recommendation was the hand pour Ethiopian coffee, an excellent recommendation and my first hand pour.

Tuesday was my only day in the office all week, very hectic due to missing Monday and preparing for my trip to Georgia the rest of the week.

Wednesday started with a trip to the airport at 5 AM, then a flight to Atlanta.  I was picked up at the airport in Atlanta by an extremely chatty new sales rep.  My ears still hurt after being with her for three days, but she was fun and pleasant.  We spent all Thursday outside in the 90 degree Georgia heat working on some level transmitters my company had sold to a waste oil recovery plant.  Success but tedious.  I am not a technician but I liked the challenge.  Friday my gregarious host took me with her to a paper mill to meet customers.  Let’s hope she is ready to handle all the innuendo.  The guys at the mill were all over her!

I was pleasantly surprised to see a friend boarding my flight home, the father of a boy I coached on two of my youth baseball teams.  The company was nice.  My limo dropped me at home 30 minutes before I needed to be at a city volunteer appreciation dinner.  The dinner was nice.  Mir found a reason not to go with me.

This morning I watched Nate win all three of his tennis matches at his first tournament of the season.  He is the number one singles player on the JV team at his high school, won his first five matches this week.  He likely won’t be a state champion, but it is encouraging to see his confidence grow.

I wound down the week with a two hour mountain bike ride at my favorite trail system this afternoon.  The trails were in perfect shape.