If you are a Sound of Music fan, you can thank me for putting that song in your head.

Any time Terese complains, whether verbally or in writing, my procedure has become to contact property management immediately.  If the received complaint is in writing, I simply scan the document and include a short note with it.  Last night’s incident was verbal, so I called property management first.  The woman assigned to the condominiums I live in knows me on a first name basis now, knows my voice.  When I called this morning, she greeted me by first name before I let her know who was calling.

“I knew you were going to call, Steve.  You must be calling about her latest complaint.”

Her latest complaint?  No.  I was not aware of a complaint.  I told the property manager that I was calling about an incident that happened last night.

“Oh, well we received an email from Terese last night to complain about your clock chime.  She says that it chimes on the hour all night.”

I told her that I was not aware of the issue at all.  She seemed surprised that I wasn’t.  Apparently my neighbor made it seem like she had asked me to do something about it, but I had not.  My neighbor hasn’t been home for the past few months, I informed the property manager.  That she complained about the clock last night is proof that she has been gone.  I have had the clock for a few months.

The rest of the conversation involved a discussion about my neighbor, probably a bit too much of a negative opinion came from the property manager, who is tired of my neighbor’s complaining.  She assured me, as she always does, that everyone is aware of my neighbor’s poor attitude.  There is nothing for me to be concerned about.

I followed up with an email to property management, CC to the condo association board email address.

As reported to you via telephone this morning, my downstairs neighbor chose to confront me in a dramatic fashion last evening, when rainwater from a table on my patio deck dripped on the plastic awning she has installed underneath my decking.  I bumped the table and the water spilled on my decking.  It was soaked up with a towel that I keep outside, immediately.  For the record, all flower pots on my patio deck have the required tray or rubber mat underneath them.
This communication is not intended as a complaint, only to create a record of the incident.
It is my understanding that my neighbor has complained via email, received by you last night, regarding a clock in my unit that chimes on the hour.  I did not realize that it was loud enough to be a nuisance to my downstairs neighbor.  The chime will be turned off this evening when I arrive home from work.  Let it be known that there was no intention to create an inconvenience to my neighbor with the chiming clock.