Long/Short story:

  1.  I learned this week that Blue Cross Blue Choice Preferred PPO is the only PPO offered in Illinois now.  Guess what PPO health insurance my family switched to December 2015?  BCBS had ‘discontinued’ our PPO policies, automatically enrolled us in their suggested insurance product replacements — inferior products.
  2. Before I enrolled myself, my wife, and my two children in BCBS Blue Choice Preferred PPO this past December, I checked the BCBS web site to make sure that our doctors were a part of the plan network.  Those doctors discontinued their acceptance of BCBS Blue Choice PPO at the end of 2015.  We now have to find new doctors.
  3. I have spent several hours on the phone and online chat with BCBS trying to get the PPO policies cancelled that BCBS automatically enrolled them in at the end of December.  My children were double covered and were being billed for policies that I had tried to cancel.  Finally, they agreed to cancel my son’s second policy.  They would not cancel my daughter’s second policy, said she would have to cancel it herself.  She is over 18 years old.  Even after my daughter contacted BCBS to cancel, the greedy chumps would not cancel her second policy.
  4. Had I not been almost ready to pass out when I walked into the convenient care center this past Sunday, they would have turned me away.  I am not making that up.  I was actually told that at the registration desk.  Their reason?  BCBS Blue Choice Preferred is not accepted at that convenient care.  It should be interesting seeing their bill.  I will likely feel like passing out again.
  5. Finding a primary care physician that accepts BCBS Blue Choice Preferred PPO has proven to be quite a chore.  I found a cardiologist for my follow up visit, but have yet to find a primary care doctor.  The cardiologist recommended a primary care doctor to me today.  I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and a few other bits.

What a headache our health insurance system has become.  Truly.  It’s awful.  I stuck with Blue Cross Blue Shield because that was the carrier I had for my family at my prior job.  It was very good then, before the Healthcare Marketplace came into being.  There were zero issues.

Since the government stuck its finger into the health insurance dike, it has done nothing but leak.  I can honestly say that my recent experiences and experiences with health insurance in the last two years has found me wanting.


Oh, and if I hear “these kinds of things happen to us as we get older” one more time, I am going to hit the person who says it with my cane.

The cardiologist appointment this morning went well.  Good thing I didn’t have my cane with me.

“You are very healthy,” he commented as he went over the test results, “You’re just getting older.  These things happen.”

Kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, and even my brain are great.   No one is allowed to debate the last one or else they get caned.  So what is it?  Possibly it’s because I snore.

“I could have told you that years ago.”  My wife quipped that with a poop eating smirk.


I get sleep studied in two weeks, along with a pulmonary evaluation.  Cholesterol is going to be checked (might as well buy the fish oil now).

Doc says ride that bike as much as you want, old man.